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Binchotan – White Charcoal

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Product Name White Charcoal /Binchotan
Origin Vietnam
Material 100% Natural Hard Wood Charcoal
Moisture content 3% max
Ash content 1.5% max
Volatile matter content 20.16%
Burning time (H) 4-6 hours
Fixed carbon content 90 ~ 96%
Calorific value (Min) 8.500Kcal/kg and  8.900Kcal/kg
Burning time 5–6 hours
Color White
Wood charcoal originating Eucalyptus, beech wood , Longan
Delivery 10-20 days after receiving customer’s deposit
Packaging 10kg/ carton box.( 3 coat box)

Binchō-tan (Japanese: 備長炭), also called white charcoal or binchō-zumi, is a type of charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking.

The fineness and high quality of binchō-tan are attributed to steaming at high temperatures (about 1000 degrees Celsius). Because it does not release unpleasant odours, it is a favorite of unagi (freshwater eel) and yakitori (skewered chicken) cooks. Due to difficulties in identifying the producing region, the name binchō-tan has come into broader use to designate white charcoal generally, and even products from outside Japan, as well as those made of other species, have come to use the name.

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