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Coffee Wood Charcoal

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Coffee charcoal made from coffee trees, it is the best sells of our charcoal, coffee charcoal is no smoke, no smell, easy to burning, time burning around 3.5 – 4 hour

this charcoal is cheap and good qualities

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Product Description

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Place of Origin VIET NAM
Material: Hard Wood
Type: Black Charcoal
Shape of charcoal: Stick
Burning time of charcoal 3 – 4 hours
Brand Name: Assured viet charcoal
Application: Barbecue (BBQ)
Calory (J): 7005
Diameter of charcoal: 3-15 cm
Length of charcoal: 3-20cm
Ash Content (%): 5,63
Packaging 10kg; 15kg; 20kg; 25kg/ PP bag (Poly-Propylene bags).
10kg; 12kg; 15kg, 20kg/ carton box.
Delivery 15-20 days

Our all natural lump coffee wood charcoal is a sustainable product produced from the cut and discarded trees of replanted coffee orchards. It burns hot, clean and has a wonderful flavor profile.

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Coffee Wood Charcoal

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