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Natural Rubber Block CV60

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Dirt ( retained on 45µm aperture), %wt 0.018
Ash, %wt 0.38
Volatile matter, %wt 0.74
Nitrogen, %wt 0.55
Initial Wallace plasticity (Po) 40
PRI (P_30/P_0) x 100% 71
Lovibond colour: 4.5 4.5
Mooney Viscosity ML (1’+4’) 100ºC 66

Supplementary Information

This is a type of rubber which is widely used in engineerings or products in daily life. Constant viscosity, flexibility, adhesion have proved the rubber as one of the most liked types of rubber in domestic market and in the world.


  • Due to constant viscosity and flexibility, CV (constant viscosity) rubber is liked by manufacturers. The flexibility is convenient for lamination (low energy, good synthesis of substances in a mixture, high adhesion) to create a good and uniform product.
  • This type of rubber is used to manufacture rubber bands, glue, lateral surface of tyres, racket surface….

These standards are applied to natural rubber processed in block form (crumb) from latex and field grade materials such as cuplump, coagulum.

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